The Word, The Name, The Blood

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Joyce Meyer

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This description may be from another edition of this product. God has given us the weapons we need to keep Satan in his rightful place of defeat Let s face it: we are living during the last days before the glorious return of Jesus Christ. Satan knows his days are numbered, and he is launching his most violent attacks against the children of God. But God has not left us defenseless against these attacks. He has provided us with powerful weapons to overcome the enemy. Joyce Meyer examines the scriptural principles that govern our authority as believers. In this book she uncovers the keys of building a strong foundation in the Word of God, correctly using the authority of the name of Jesus, and understanding the power we have through the blood of Jesus. God does not intend for you to spend all your time fighting and rebuking the enemy. He wants you to enjoy a life of freedom and complete liberty. By using the principles outlined in this book, you will learn how to effectively use the weapons God has given you to live a victorious life You will learn: How to be changed by the power of the Word How to wield the weapon of the Word How to exercise authority in the name of Jesus The power of the blood covenant Why Satan is afraid of the blood of Jesus. Be an overcomer through the Word, the Name, the Blood.”

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Joyce Meyer








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