The Pursuit: Reframing Purity as a Relationship, Not an Accomplishment

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Joshua Livingston, Dan Martin

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While on opposite sides of the spectrum, purity culture and secular culture have both seriously distorted the way we think about and talk about purity, sex, and relationships. Sexual brokenness runs rampant in secular and sacred spaces, and to find freedom, we need a new approach. In The Pursuit, Joshua Livingston and Dan Martin from pureHOPE Ministries will begin to unravel the myths, misconceptions, and outright lies revolving around sexuality and introduce God’s better story of sex.
God’s intention for purity and sex is something far more meaningful, powerful, and beautiful than anything we’ve been taught before. When we understand God’s purpose and design for sex, we begin distancing ourselves from sexual brokenness and stepping toward a loving Father who desires a relationship with us.

Whether you find yourself currently single, engaged, or married, this book will give you biblical insight and practical tools to confidently and intentionally pursue purity with Jesus as your priority. Purity is not an accomplishment to obtain; purity is a relationship to pursue.

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Joshua Livingston, Dan Martin








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