The Principles And Benefits Of Change

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Myles Munroe

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Our lives are in a constant state of transition. Life is always moving forward; nothing ever remains the same. To a greater or lesser degree, we are continually being transported, whether suddenly or gradually, into the new, the different, the unexpected, or the untried. Yet most people don’t manage change effectively and positively. The Principles and Benefits of Change is a manual for times of change. It reveals how to prepare for any kind of change and use it for your benefit, enabling you to accomplish your God-given purpose in life. Change comes to all of us, whether we prepare for it or not. How we deal with those inevitable changes, no matter what the source, determines whether they will ultimately be a positive or negative force in our lives. Best-selling author Dr. Myles Munroe reveals how to experience security, confidence, and freedom in the uncertainty of our changing world. Through this book, you can discover how to: – Become an active part of change-not its victim. – Be free of fear during unsettling times. – Fulfill your God-given purpose. – Maximize the benefits of change. – Tap into the positive power of change. – Be pro-active in pursuing your God-given purpose. You can be ready for the changing seasons that lie ahead.

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