The Path Of Truth: Stories Of The Lies We Believe & The Power To Break Them

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Andrea Joy Meade

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There’s a fascinating pattern of humanity which comes into view when we open our hearts to the question: do I live with Truth as my guiding force or do the lies of negativity lure me in with their clamor? I believe we all intuitively know Truth when we see it but often tend to slide back into believing lies when life gets tough. Aren’t those destructive thoughts the first ones nipping at our heels when we walk through difficulty? Is it possible to change this pattern that tends to set in as we age? We’re after the hidden ability we once had as children, which fully believes the Truth that we are powerful people and capable of living out every one of our dreams. This ability actively chooses to dismiss any lies to the contrary. In short, we’re talking about the possibility that our personal agreement with Truth or with lies will actually determine the trajectory of our lives. Join me as we explore seven relatable tales of people who broke the power of lies and courageously fought their way back onto the Path of Truth.

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Andrea Joy Meade








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