The High Cost of High Control

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Tim Kimmel

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You may not see it happening, but when relationships are reduced to a contest between the powerful and the powerless, no one wins. Manipulation, power plays, and domination destroy the trust and affection we have for each other. But you can escape this losing game by reading and following the rules of healthy relationships.The High Cost Of High Control helps you understand the various types and causes of controlling behavior, from passive manipulation to aggressive control. You will learn how to break free from the pain caused by controlling personalities, your own and others’, and develop or restore secure, lasting relationships.Dr. Tim Kimmel provides biblically based insights and stories of real people that will help you enjoy authentic relationships uncompromised by the manipulative power of over-control. The only way to win the power game is not to play at all. Includes a bonus section of 101 ways to identify and manage a high controller. Previously released as How To Deal With Powerful Personalities

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Tim Kimmel








Family Matters

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