Teaching Your Child How to Pray

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Rick Osborne

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How much do your children know? We teach our children academics. We give them instruction in the arts and physical fitness. We show them how to swim, skate, and ride a bike. But have we forgotten the most basic and necessary skill of all? Have we taught them to pray? Prayer is the foundation for communicating with God, growing as a person, and receiving help and wisdom for every other part of life. Teaching children to pray is one of the most important tasks parents have. Inside Teaching Your Child to Pray you will find: Answers to your children’s questions about prayer; Practical tips, helps, and activities for teaching the discipline of prayer; What the Bible says about children and prayer; Stories and examples of how prayer works; Ways to reap the benefits of prayer for your children and see it affect their lives. Give your children a real head start. Teach them to communicate with the Savior. It will make an eternal difference.

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Rick Osborne








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