Songs of Deliverance

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Bill Banks

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This book shows that there is help for oppressed, tormented, and compulsive people, and that the solution is as old as the ministry of Jesus Christ. Find answers to such questions as: Why has modern medicine and science failed to cure millions of emotionally disturbed people? Why are increasing numbers of individuals developing mental disorders? Is it possible that there is another explanation for the voices people hear, or for the compulsions that they experience? Could it be that the real solution lies within the spirit of man? From over 30 years of counseling and ministering deliverance, in the United States and abroad, Bill Banks highlights the common root causes of emotional and mental torment, and walks the reader through steps to be set free. Read numerous case studies of people who have been delivered from their torments and fears, including testimonies of over 60 spirits: Suicide, Fear of Starvation, Colic, Smoking, Marijuana & Drugs, Crippling, Ulcers, Anger, Murderous Rage, Abuse of Women, Gluttony, Harlotry, Incest, Occult, Homosexuality, Pornography, Sleeplessness, Sterility, and more. New Edition Includes a section on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

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Songs of Deliverance

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