Seraphim Chronicles

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Bill Payne

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The Seraphim Chronicles is a tapestry of Biblical revelation woven in the fictional tradition of “Lord of the Rings” and “Chronicles of Narnia.” Ancient manuscripts scribed in the tongues of angels are now unearthed. They speak of a time of wonder and innocence when all of Heaven was awash in the beauty and joy that flowed from the heart of a kind Creator. There the Princes of Heaven and Kings of Angels reigned at Yahweh’s side and played in enchanted gardens and majestic courtyards. The splendor of Lucifer’s music and art was everywhere but deep in his heart grew a darkness that would challenge the very throne of Heaven. With forces of light arraigned against a growing darkness in the heart of Heaven. Michael and Gabriel, brothers and allies, are thrown into a battle neither desired nor deserved that would culminate in the destruction of hope and the death of reason. Adam and Eve, the precious Children of Elohim stand at a crossroads. Two trees before them, they are confronted with the serpents lie and the love of a father. The battle has reached the new Creation where innocent hearts are either won or lost. And the destinies of all peoples hang by a thread of hope.

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