Revelation: A Guide For Reflection And Prayer

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Marcus Maxwell

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In the Revelation to John readers encounter visions of destruction and transformation that stimulate the imagination, yet seem to defy explanation. Over the centuries this book has generated all kinds of speculation about the future; but its real message is a timeless challenge to the church. Marcus Maxwell points out the parallels between Revelation and Old Testament books such as Daniel, Ezekiel, and Zechariah. Like these other prophecies, Revelation portrays the history of the world from the viewpoint of heaven. It promises God’s intervention to establish his rule and save his people. But it also issues a call to witness in a world seduced by wealth and power and misled by false religion. Though initially a message to the churches of John’s own time, Revelation has much to say to Christians today. A mere reading of the Bible fails to fulfill its ultimate purpose. The Bible’s message is meant to transform. The Daily Bible Commentary series distills the best of current scholarship into the straightforward language of a devotional. It skillfully opens each New Testament book and helps readers respond to the eternal truths within. General editors Richard A. Burridge, Dom Henry Wansbrough, and David Winter, together with other renowned scholars from an array of Christian traditions, provide helpful introduction, accessible explanation, and fresh meditations on individual passages. Balancing profound reflection with penetrating insight, the two-page daily readings engage the mind while never failing to touch the heart.

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