Rescued Not Arrested: Based on an Astounding True Story of Roger Munchian

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H Joseph Gammage

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With chains binding him to the edge of insanity, his cry echoes off of the jail cell walls: “God help me!” Armenian immigrant Roger Munchian grew up among the violence and hopelessness of East L.A. Despite the surrounding violence, Munchian was a model student. Yet no one would have suspected the hidden life of drugs, thievery and violence bubbling just below the model-student veneer. His unquenchable thirst for money and power allowed him to build a multi-million dollar empire on drugs and violence. He ran fast. He ran hard. It took highway death and carnage to finally stop him. The high-speed collision with a highway median wall leaves twelve-time felon Munchian strapped to the crazy chair in county jail. Booked on two counts of vehicular homicide, he is certain to face Death Row. His road to wealth and power was bloody. So was his road to salvation. God hears his cry for help, arriving at his jail cell that night with a miracle. For the first time in Munchian’s life-God is real. But so is the journey.

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H Joseph Gammage








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