Passport To The Bible: 24 Basic Bible Studies For Groups Or Individuals

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No book has sold more copies. No book has influenced so many people. The Bible has informed all of the world’s religions. Yet for many, it remains a mystery. Would you like to read and understand the Bible for yourself? The studies in this guide are designed to help you do that. You will look at four major themes in the Bible: what God is like; what people are like; who Jesus is; how to meet Jesus. Passport to the Bible will take you on a journey like no other. It offers definitions for the new and difficult vocabulary you may encounter in the Bible. And it provides questions to help you uncover key ideas as you read through each book of the Bible. For discussion group leaders, notes at the back of this guide offer additional insight and direction. In short, everything is included to help you get to know the Bible–whether you study on your own, one-to-one with a friend, or in a small group. Here is a valuable introduction to the best book you will ever read.

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