Overcoming Depression God’s Way

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David Heebner

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Depression is the guaranteed result from listening to sin tell us what
to do. Depression is the guaranteed outcome of listening to our own
thoughts, which have been cursed since the days of Adam and Eve. Many
scripture verses confirm the tight connection between our own negative,
sinful thinking and depression. Those of us who were stuck in our own
sick thinking most of our lives have experienced first-hand the death
described by the passage in Romans 6:23, “work hard for sin your whole
life and your pension is death.” We feel like the walking dead. Our own
thoughts almost destroy our lives. We end up feeling emotionally drained
and spiritually bankrupt. Anger, anxiety, and addiction are all outlets
for our own defective thoughts; they are all human ideas designed to
provide earthly escapes from our screwed-up thinking. These three
outlets carry us down the highway to depression. Typical therapy models
that promote corrective thinking are destined to fail. Such approaches
try to correct the problem with the problem. Quite frankly, many
Christian counselors and Bible teachers have also followed these
corrective thinking models. One of the goals of FocusChoice Therapy is
to provide writings about God’s solution to the problem of defective
human thinking. FocusChoice Therapy features sensory counseling rather
than cognitive therapy. Overcoming Depression God’s Way guides you
through David Heebner’s approach that the problem begins with a person’s
thought life.

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