Lord, Give Me a Heart for You: A Devotional Study on Having a Passion for God

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Kay Arthur

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Kay Arthur’s Newest “Lord” Book Examines The Anatomy Of A Heart for God Through Paul’s Eyes. Throughout his ministry the Apostle Paul was criticized, opposed, and attacked. He wrestled with his weaknesses. He struggled with fragile relationships. He was often weary, tired, and discouraged. Kay Arthur knows there are times when you can identify with Paul’s experience. You feel overwhelmed by conflicts without and fears within. You yearn to experience the God of wisdom and power. You, like Paul, want deeply to be a person whose sole passion is to please God. In this study based on 2 Corinthians, Kay examines the anatomy of a heart for God. What it looks like. What it feels like. And how you can strengthen your own relationship with God. Despite the deep physical, emotional, and spiritual pain of life, Paul could rest in the God of all comfort and strength. He could walk in obedience to his calling. He could fight the good fight, finish his race, and keep the faith. And now, through this compelling, insightful, and moving Bible study, so can you.

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