Life-Changing Cross-Cultural Friendships: How You Can Help Heal Racial Divides, One Relationship at a Time

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Gary Chapman, Clarence Shuler

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Many of us want to do something to improve race relations, but we don’t know where to start or even if we can make a difference. In Life-Changing Cross-Cultural Friendships, beloved authors and good friends Gary Chapman and Clarence Shuler answer those questions and more by recounting their own story together.

Long before Gary was the bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages and Clarence was the president and CEO of Building Lasting Relationships, they were just an associate pastor and a young high school student, bonded by a love of Christ and learning how to navigate their newly desegregated community. Decades of friendship later, they are sharing the important lessons they learned that will enable you to experience enriching friendships across racial and ethnic barriers.

Each chapter of this inspiring and practical book will guide you into a deeper level of understanding about what friendship is and about the benefits of cross-cultural friendships on an individual and national level. These powerful lessons will include:

The importance of choosing the right words
How to differentiate true friends from mere acquaintances
How Jesus initiated a cross-cultural relationship
The first two steps to your own cross-cultural friendship
Three ways to resolve conflict in a cross-cultural friendship
How to make friendships last through life’s many seasons
Breaking down the walls of division might not be easy, but the simple act of building friendships tears down walls of racism and fear. Will you accept the cross-cultural friendship challenge?

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Gary Chapman, Clarence Shuler









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