Grace: The Glorious Theme

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Lewis Sperry Chafer

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Grace: The Glorious Theme is an abiding classic by Lewis Sperry Chafer, who assures the reader about the ineffable beauty of God’s grace in the Christian life.

Published in 1922 to a favorable reception, Grace: The Glorious Theme has long been a favorite among Christians for its sincerity and simplicity. Then as now, the world was full of people raised as good Christians who had forgotten what it means to be a believer in God and Jesus Christ. Noticing such individuals, Chafer authored this manual to state the simple love, beauty and devotion which lays at the heart of a Christian life properly led.

The superb and inspiring text frequently quotes the Biblical scriptures, reminding us of the many instances in which God’s grace to Man is evident. Taking examples from both the Old and New Testaments, it is with lucid flowing truth that Lewis Sperry Chafer both convinces the reader and evinces the subject.

As a professional theologian, Chafer spent an entire lifetime researching and reading the holy texts of Christianity. He was noted by friends and colleagues to be a peaceful and serene man, who believed a simple and positive message delivered with heart to be the greatest. He is particularly well-remembered in Texas, which has founded a charitable foundation bearing Chafer’s name.

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