Grace Rules

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Steve McVey

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Are you “living by the rules,” or are you letting God’s grace rule you? There’s a big difference between the two. If you’re living for God, living by the rules, you’ll always be exhausted. You’ll feel that you’re not doing enough for God and that if you don’t “measure up,” He will be displeased with you. But God never meant for the Christian life to be that way! His Love for us isn’t based on how we perform for Him. He sent Christ to set us free from rules. He didn’t call us to serve Him in our own feeble power, but to let His power flow through us; a power that is without limit! What’s more, this power is already available to us right now. God has provided everything we need for a truly meaningful, joy-filled life here on earth… all because of His marvelous grace. Rest in God’s grace, and let Him live through you. Find out how in Grace Rules.

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Steve McVey








Harvest House

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