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Everyone can use a little inspiration, a little reminder of what
is truly good, moral and just. God’s Little Devotional Book provides
just that! These devotionals–linked to pithy quotations and also to
verses from the Bible–are short and easy-to-read… but no less
meaningful.You’ll find anecdotes, illustrations and stories that make
you laugh, challenge you to think, and in some cases, touch the soft
spot in your heart. As one reader has said, “Some of these hit me right
between the eyes… and others caused tears to come to my eyes.” Either
way, this book promises you an expanded vision and new insights. And
because the devotionals are tied to the external truth of God’s Word,
they also will help build in you excellence of character and strength in
integrity.God’s Little Devotional Book is for readers of all ages, in
all circumstances of life, in all professions. These devotionals are
ones to which every person can relate, and from which every person can
draw encouragement. They’ll add meaning to your day with truth, even as
they brighten your day with hope! Share them with your children. Share
them with a friend. They’re guaranteed to offer a road map to succeed in
the daily journey of life.

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