God, It’s Just Not Fair! Or Is It?

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J. D. Jenkins

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God it just isn’t fair, or is it? Just what do you do, when you start the day out feeling great and then, quick as a wink, life pulls the rug out from under you? How do you pick yourself back up when you really just want to lay there and cry? What do you do when prayer brings no comfort and grief is your constant companion? How is it possible to hang on to your faith and keep living life to it’s fullest, when you struggle to find even the simplest of joy within your heart, because deep inside, you are very angry at God? Ben Chambers is struggling with those thoughts and more. Come share with him, through the good times and bad as he reminisces and struggles to find the joy that once filled his life. See how the miracle of God’s love makes everything right again!

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J. D. Jenkins








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