For the Love of Zion

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Kelvin Crombie

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Would a Jewish nation have been restored in Israel without the strategic work of British Christians? It is doubtful, argues Kelvin Crombie. Certainly the foundation of an active Church amongst the Jews would not have been possible without the London Jews Society. Its supporters included prime ministers and statesmen and together they shared the courageous belief that the return of the Jews to the Promised Land would hasten the return of Christ. The author follows the story of a daring to see Jews converted to Christ within their own homeland. Drawing on previously unpublished reports by the LJS (now the Church’s Ministry Among the Jews), he charts the international intrigue and Christian initiative which brought about the first hospitals, schools and training centres in Israel, as well as the construction of Christ Church in the old city of Jerusalem. This book describes the work from its humble beginnings in 1809 through to today’s unrest in Jordan’s West Bank.

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Kelvin Crombie








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