David Wilkerson

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David Wilkerson with R. S. B. Sawyer

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How did one man’s unshakable faith shape the future of thousands struggling to break free from the grip of addiction, poverty, and sin? Join Gary Wilkerson as he shares a never-before-seen look at the incredible life and legacy of his father, bestselling author and evangelist David Wilkerson. This book tells the story of David Wilkerson, a man who refused to give up on those on the streets even when they had given up on themselves, and who saw in the eyes of drug addicts and gang members what others failed to see–the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. But who was David Wilkerson? When Wilkerson moved to New York from rural Pennsylvania in 1958 to confront the gangs who ran the streets, he was a skinny, 120-pound man. After the initial publicity that brought him face to face with some of the most dangerous young men in the city, he largely flew under the radar of the media, using the Word of God and a bit of tough love to help men and women of the street escape the destructive spiral of drugs and violence. Wilkerson was always the real deal, full of passion and conviction, not interested in what others said was the “right” thing to do. An evangelist both in America and overseas, David authored books that inspired people to be serious about their relationship with Christ. His financial generosity reached around the globe, providing homes for the destitute and feeding programs for the hungry. When he founded the Times Square Church in 1987, his ministry impacted more lives than he ever dreamed possible.

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David Wilkerson with R. S. B. Sawyer









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