Dancing With The Scars: True Stories Of Hope Restored

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TJ Martini

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Dancing with the Scars centers on nearly two dozen true stories of ordinary but very real people from all over the globe who share the most extraordinary challenges of their lives, how they made it through and how they survived. Although the challenges and heartaches these people suffered are not what we normally experience in life, these survivors hope that their stories will help anyone going through difficult times or painful circumstances. They want you to know and believe that there is hope for you and that you are not alone.
Every one of these incredible uplifting stories is biographical! Three of them even made NATIONAL HEADLINES several years ago, but up until now, their stories have never been told in their entirety: The kidnapping of an American by terrorists in Russia who was tortured, starved, and held for nearly 8 months, and then threatened with decapitation if the $3.5 million ransom was not paid; The intense hostage situation at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado as told by one of the victims held at gunpoint by a crazed maniac who threatened to blow up the building if his demands were not met; and the pint-size teen from Santee, California who was bullied by his classmates for months, and who eventually turned on them, killing three, and injuring 13. If you are one of those people who struggle with the belief that God does exist, or you know Him, yet sometimes you feel abandoned or confused, Dancing with the Scars is a must read. This book will show you that there isn’t anything you can’t get through in this life if you are willing to put your trust where it matters most.

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