Bearing the Standard: A Rallying Cry to Uphold the Scriptures

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Kevin Geoffrey and C.H. Mackintosh

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Why is the Body of Messiah ineffective and irrelevant in the world today? Why are we so fragmented and dismembered, each one following a personal religion of his own making? It is because we have lost sight of Gods Standard—we have misplaced and compromised His perfect Word: the Scriptures. For too many of us, the Word of God is a mere consultant with no authority. We refuse to permit Scripture alone to establish our priorities, determine our beliefs, and tell us how to live daily for the Master. How can we wave the banner of Messiah for others to see, if we ourselves have no idea where to look? How can we demonstrate and proclaim the reality of God, if we are following a million different counterfeit flags? “Bearing the Standard” is a rallying cry to all of Messiahs disciples, awakening us to our unholy alliances with hostile influences, and calling us to boldly raise the banner of Scripture as the only sufficient and supreme standard for our lives. The world is waiting for a generation of Standard Bearers who will rise up as one man to carry the Masters banner into the fray—to stand firm on the unchangeable Word of God, no matter the cost… Are you willing to join the cause?

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Kevin Geoffrey and C.H. Mackintosh








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