When People Are BIG And God Is Small

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Ed Welch

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“In God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me?” So sings the Psalmist. But quote that to a crime victim or a junior high student and they’ll tell you fear of “mortal men” can prove a formidable obstacle! Here Ed Welch offers biblical insight and solutions for a pervasive weakness in today’s church.

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  1. Book Summary

    Key takeaways from “When People Are Big and God Is Small” by Ed Welch:

    Fear of Man: The book addresses the common issue of the “fear of man,” which is the excessive concern for what others think, say, or do.

    Idolatry of Human Approval: Welch argues that seeking approval from others can become an idol, taking the place of God in a person’s life.

    Theology of the Heart: The author encourages readers to examine their beliefs about God, emphasizing the importance of understanding God’s greatness and sovereignty.

    God’s Unconditional Love: Welch emphasizes the need to grasp God’s unconditional love and acceptance as a means of overcoming the fear of man.

    Identity in Christ: The book promotes finding one’s true identity in their relationship with Christ rather than in the opinions of others.

    Freedom from People-Pleasing: Practical advice is provided for breaking free from the bondage of people-pleasing, including developing a greater fear of God.

    Biblical Foundation: Welch supports his teachings with biblical passages and principles throughout the book.

    Personal Growth: The book is a resource for personal growth, helping individuals become emotionally healthier and find freedom from the fear of human opinions.

    Christian Counseling: It is often used in Christian counseling to address issues related to self-esteem, relationships, and spiritual growth.

    Deepening Faith: Ultimately, the book aims to help individuals deepen their relationship with God and experience true freedom and identity in Christ.

    Ed Welch’s work offers practical guidance rooted in biblical wisdom for those struggling with the fear of man and the desire for human approval. It encourages a shift in focus toward a deeper understanding of God’s love and a more authentic relationship with Him.

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