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The Cross and Salvation: The Doctrine of Salvation (Foundations of Evangelical Theology)

ISBN: 9781581348125
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Bruce Demarest

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With America’s confidence in the Bible at an all-time low and the strength of her spiritual convictions waning, it is essential for Christians―especially Christian leaders―to be well-grounded in biblical theology. To have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the key doctrines of evangelicalism.

In response, professor and award-winning author Bruce Demarest has made plain God’s glorious plan of salvation, his provision for the human dilemma through Christ’s work on the cross, and the application of saving grace to unbelievers. Demarest’s unique approach defines each topic, identifies its most pressing issues, examines the ways in which the doctrine has been understood historically, and interprets the Bible’s revelation. The result is a clear and carefully constructed doctrinal statement that you can defend, live out, and communicate to others.

This singular, comprehensive treatment of one of Christianity’s essential doctrines gives definitive, Bible-based answers about salvation and the cross―and about related theological issues such as grace and regeneration. It’s perfect for clarifying your theology and gaining deep understanding of this foundational theme.

Part of the Foundations of Evangelical Theology series.

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