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Revolution Within: A Fresh Look at Supernatural Living

ISBN: 9781578564590
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Dwight Edwards

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One of the fundamental misunderstandings the first-century world had in regard to Jesus was that He had come to stir up an outward, political revolution. Dwight Edwards reminds us in his powerful book that the revolution, like the kingdom, is essentially within—that Jesus is still a King whose kingdom is the heart. Because of what God has done for every believer, you actually possess outlandish treasures you may never have dreamed existed. God has made “New Covenant” promises to each of us. And in fulfillment of those promises, He has placed within every believer four revolutionary provisions: a new purity, a new disposition, a new identity, and a new power. These lavish supernatural resources permanently reside within your soul right now—ready for release every day of your life on earth! Revolution Within shows what these four provisions really are and how to release them, so you can experience all the best God has for you. And when you do, you fulfill your God-given purpose in life. Because God doesn’t want us just to be spiritually whole, but to be spiritually provocative. As you tap into this vibrant eternal reality, you’ll experience fresh intimacy with God, new liberty, a deepened sense of community with other believers, and a new capacity for ministry. And through it all you’ll grow in your passion for what God Himself is most passionate about: His glory.

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Dwight Edwards








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