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Paul On Trial: The Book Of Acts As A Defense Of Christianity

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John W. Mauck

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JOHN W. MAUCK provides an exciting new way of understanding the Book of Acts. With great skill and powerful arguments, the author contends that Acts was written primarily to defend Paul for his forthcoming trial in Rome. After reading Mauck’s volume, the read we will not only gain a fuller understanding of Acts, but also obtain rock-solid arguments for defending Christianity and understanding its Jewish roots. What’s Inside: A fresh study of Acts as a legal “brief” Insights gained from understanding of Roman law Numerous Charts that outline Luke’s “argument” Recorded speeches viewed as “witness testimony” A section-by-section review of all of Acts A powerful apologetic defending the claims of Christianity Endorsements: “The book is a terrific addition to any lawyer’s library. It makes the Book of Acts come alive with new and useful insights.” — Samuel B. Casey, Executive Director, Christian Legal Society “It makes a constructive, fresh, and fascinating contribution to the understanding of Acts.” — Dr. Donald Hagner, Author of Matthew in WBC, Fuller Theological Seminary

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