Healing the Shattered Soul

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James L. Hanley Thd, C. Tracy Kayser Jd

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Tracy Kayser and James Hanley share real life stories of deliverance from anxiety, depression, insomnia, fear, rage, obsessive compulsions, panic attacks, demonic strongholds, same sex attraction and trauma from child abuse. James clearly outlines the techniques of deliverance and inner healing that he has used to bring inner healing to those who had lost hope. James Hanley, pastor of Moriah Bible Fellowship, has experience in deliverance and inner healing that spans twenty years and over 4000 prayer/counseling sessions with remarkable results. Currently he takes on ten to fifteen appointments a week, teaches one or two seminars a month and has developed a team of counselors equipped to minister and bringing freedom to spiritual captives. Tracy tells her story of deliverance from same sex attraction, isolation, depression, panic attacks, and her struggles to finally secure her freedom after years of counseling and spiritual searching. She describes her difficult journey to earn a law degree and shares the tenacious dedication to eventually secure her spiritual freedom. She no longer is drawn to same sex partnerships and is attracted and seeking heterosexual relationships, without the need to “white-knuckle” her emotions. Tracy currently enjoys a blossoming legal practice while still praying and counseling with five to ten people a week. Having received freedom she willingly desires to share with others.

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James L. Hanley Thd, C. Tracy Kayser Jd








Moriah Freedom Ministry

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