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Beyond An Angry God

ISBN: 9780736959827
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Steve McVey

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How would your life change if you really believed and could even feel that God is absolutely crazy about you? Steve McVey s penetrating new look at the transforming power of God’s grace leads you to that change. Steve unpacks the biblical revelation of the Trinity as a loving relationship, and he highlights the goal of history: God intends to include us in that circle of love. Steve answers troubling questions that can keep you from fully sensing God’s love, acceptance, and forgiveness, such as, Why does God look like a bad cop in the Old Testament and a good cop in the New Testament? At Calvary, was the Father angry at the Son? Is He ever angry with me? Why do I sometimes feel separated from God, abandoned, guilty, and ashamed? Theologians have described the Trinity as perichoresis a dance. Are you ready to be swept into the Father’s embrace?

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Steve McVey








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