A New Restaurant & Bookshop Opens in Raleigh

Kalium Bookshop, a restaurant in downtown Raleigh offering craft beer and dim sum, plus a flower shop and bookstore, opened last Wednesday, the News & Observer reported, noting that the bookshop and floral shop inside will initially operate according to restaurant’s evening schedule, but “eventually will be open during the day to coincide with the brewery and restaurant’s expanded hours.”
The bookstore in front has a collection of 400 to 500 books on art, food, travel and literature. On the back wall is an expanding library of books from people in the community. Co-owner Vansana Nolintha estimated there are 2,000-3,000 books, and people who visit the space are encouraged to bring a book that’s meaningful to them and include a note in the book to explain why.
“The owners see the space as a collaboration between its ‘makers,’ or the creative forces that are behind the restaurant coming to fruition, and as a connection with the community who has supported them for years,” the News & Observer wrote.
“We have a phenomenal team. We have a lot of challenges to come. Our community is so eager and generous,” said Vansana Nolintha, adding that Brewery Bhavana is “true to the heart.”
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